>> Peru: „Präsidentschaftswahlen“ – What’s Happening in Peru? — Clarissa’s Blog

Folks, did you see what’s happening in Peru? My Peruvian relatives are in a state of panic. The presidential election is between a crazy Marxist guy controlled by Cubans and Venezuelan Chavistas and Keiko Fujimori, a corrupt daughter of the former dictator Fujimori. And a week ago there was a massacre in Peru that was […]

What’s Happening in Peru? — Clarissa’s Blog


Dont think the peruvian are controled by everywehre outside. Only by her postkolonial sociedad :-)

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  1. cindy knoke sagt:

    The world is so stable now. NOT!

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    1. In the next 3 weeks we will see whats hapen in Peru and perhaps an new president.

      Gefällt mir

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