The Chaupe family`s legal harrassment continues

The Chaupe family`s legal harrassment continues.

The second hearing of the new trial of the Chaupe family – taken to court by Yanacocha, the mining company who wants their land at all costs, will take place tomorrow 12th November 2013 at 11am in Celendin.

Yanacocha, after attempting to terrorize the family into leaving their land, are also trying to intimidate them through the courts.  The first trial, the result of which the family were sentenced to 3 years suspended jail sentence, a fine of 200 soles and a deadline of 30 days to leave their land, was annulled in the Superior Court of Justice of Cajamarca due to severe procedural failures (such as not taking into account one of the most important articles of evidence – the Chaupe family`s document of possession).

Peru Yanacocha Newmont Mining
The Chaupe family`s legal harrassment continues

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