Types of Popular Blogs


Being new to the blog world, this article caught my eye while I was browsing my Feedly, „Four Types of Popular Blog Post That Don’t Require Much Writing“ by Ali Luke.  It details four different types of blogs that you can write with little effort (at least that is what the author states).  First the author explains the „quote“ post where you can blog inspirational and motivational quotes stating that the quotes „offer bite-sized, easy-to-digest chunks of advice (or doses of humour).“

The second type of post is the „interview“ post.  The author explains that if you’re not the expert, interview the expert.  The author states that this type of post raises your profile and gives your blog a fresh perspective.  This type of blog can take more time to put together than others because of the time it takes for the interviews to take place.

Next was the „discussion“ post…

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