Ethnologische Guatemala Rundreise 13 Tage / 12 Nächte.

Guatemala Rundreise.

Ethnologische Reise individuell gestaltbar,
hier mit  13 Tage und 12 Übernachtungen

Detailbeschreibung auf Englisch.

Ankunft in Guateamla Stadt am Samstag, Rückflug am Donnerstag  von Guatemala City.


Ankunft in Ciudad de Guatemala am Samstag, Rückflug am Donnerstag.
Guatemala wird durch eine Vielzahl von ethnischen Gruppen aufgefüllt und ist die am besten erhaltene MayaKultur von überall in der Welt. Im Laufe der Jahrhunderte konnten die MayaBevölkerung ihre Traditionen und Überzeugungen, von präkolumbianischen Vorfahren geerbt zu sparen. Heute kämpfen die Menschen aus Guatemala noch Achtung und Anerkennung ihrer kulturellen Identität. Dies wurde durch die Combatof Rigoberta Menchú, Friedensnobelpreis 1992 deutlich. Der wichtigste Ehrgeiz unserer ethnische Tour “Faces of Guatemala” soll Männer und Frauen aus Guatemalain die Echtheit des täglichen Lebens zu erfüllen. Dies taucht Sie direkt in das Herz dieses herrlichen Landes und ermöglicht Ihnen, ihre Kostüme, Know-how, Rituale und Geschichten zu entdecken. Aus dem Hochland, bevölkert von indischen Dörfern, wo sich farbige Märkte und Reich bestickte Kleidung mix, der Dschungel von Petén und alte zeremonielle Zentrum von Tikal, vorbei an der ruhigen und freundlichen Karibik, nicht zu vergessen die alten majestätischen koloniale Hauptstadt OfAntigua, bieten wir Ihnen eine ursprüngliche und vollständige Tour.

Arrival in Ciudad de Guatemala on Saturday, return flight on Thursday.
Guatemala is populated by a patchwork of ethnic groups and has the best preserved Mayan culture of anywhere in the world. Over the centuries, the Mayan people have managed to conserve their traditions and beliefs, inherited from their pre-Columbian ancestors. Today people from Guatemala still fight for respect and recognition of their cultural identity. This was highlighted by the combatof Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Prize for peace in 1992. The principal ambition of our ethnic tour “Faces of Guatemala “ is to meet men and women from Guatemalain the authenticity of their daily lives. This plunges you directly into the heart of this fabulous country and allows you to discover their costumes, know-how, rituals and histories. From the Highlands, populated by Indian villages, where coloured markets and richly embroidered clothing mix, to the Jungle of Petén and the ancient ceremonial centre of Tikal, passing by the quiet and friendly Caribbean region, not forgetting the old majestic colonial capital ofAntigua, we offer you an original and complete tour.


Day 1 Saturday
You will be welcomed by your driver at the airport of Ciudad de Guatemala. Transfer to the hotel .
Overnight in the capital.

Guatemala Stadt Kathedrale
Front der Kathedrale in Guatemala Stadt, (Guatemala City), dem Ausgangspunkt vieler Guatemala Reisen.


Day 2 Sunday

Market and city of Chichicastenango
(professional English speaking guide all the day)
Appointment with your guide. Travel to Chichicastenango (Mayan ethnic group: Quichés) to discover the city on a market day, the most colorful and animated market in Guatemala,.
The religious syncretism can be clearly seen in the village.
Besides the market, we will visit a mask workshop/exhibition. Afterwards, we will walk around in the
colorful cemetery. For the people of Chichicastenango, this cemetery is the preferred place for
communicating with the supernatural entities. You will see old Mayan altars and you may have the
chance to discover a traditional Mayan ceremony.
Transfer to Panajachel (Mayan ethnic group: Kaqchikel), a village located on the banks of Lake Atitlán,
surrounded by majestic volcanoes.


Day 3 Monday

Lake Atitlán: villages of Santiago and San Juan
(professional English speaking guide all day)
Crossing the lake by boat, North to South, we reach Santiago Atitlán, a Mayan Tzutujil village, rich in
handicraft and traditional fabrics. During the visit, we will have the pleasure of meeting Maximon, a
contemporary Mayan god. Then, transfer by boat to the little village of San Juan Atitlán, one of the most beautiful places on the lake. Visit to a natural dye workshop and discovery of other traditional activities of the inhabitants of San Juan. (Depending of the dates of your trip: coffee plantation or painting workshop).
Stay with the locals, dinner included (Tzutujil ethnic group) to experience the daily live of the inhabitants.

Lake Atitlan:…./lago-de-atitlan

Day 4 Tuesday
Atitlán Lake: Mayan Kaqchikel. Villages of San Antonio and Santa Catarina
(professional English speaking guide all day) Crossing of the lake by boat, north to San Antonio Palopó (Cakchiqueli Mayan ethnic group). Walk in this beautiful village where male inhabitants still wear the traditional loincloth. Visit to weaving workshop (pedal loom, like the Spanish ones). Lunch in Santa Catarina Palopó prepared by Mayan friends. Transfer in the afternoon to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala’s second biggest city,, considered the capital of the high ground of Guatemala.


Day 5 Wednesday
Market of Almolonga and Mayan communitarian organization in the region of Quetzaltenango
(professional English speaking guide all day) In the morning, visit to the authentic market (flowers, fruits and vegetables). Then we will visit a Mayan association in order to deepen our knowledge of contemporary Mayan people (socio-economical life, traditions and cultures, ancestral weaving techniques etc.) During the afternoon, swim in the Georginas, natural hot thermal springs located on the banks of the Zunil volcano in the middle of the luxuriant jungle.


Day 6 Thursday
Region of Quetzaltenango, Mayan villages and old colonial churches
(professional English speaking guide all day) Walk in the Quichés Mayan villages of the region: Zunil with its cemetery looking out over the volcano Santa Maria (3770 meters) and San Andrés Xecul with its church of Salcajá, the oldest in central America (1524) with its wonderful façade. At midday, transfer to Totonicapan. Arrival in a Quiché Mayan family for a presentation of their textiles and/or pottery and the daily life of the family. Stay with the locals, dinner included.


Day 7 Friday
Market of San Francisco El Alto (professional English speaking guide all day)
After a typical Quiché Mayan breakfast, transfer to the village of San Francisco El Alto. Visit of the biggest Indian market of central America (animals, multicolored cloth, spices from all regions of Guatemala). Nearby the market, you will enjoy Mayan ceremonies in amazing surroundings. In the afternoon, transfer to the capital and overnight in Ciudad de Guatemala.


Day 8 Saturday
Archeological site of Quiriguá and Caribbean. Transfer to the eastern regions.
On the road, we will visit the archeological site of Quiriguá, well known for its steles (the highest known in the Mayan world). Afterwards, boat from Puerto Barrios to Livingston, a little multi-ethnic Caribbean town where you will have the pleasure of meeting Garifunas black people and Kekchi Mayan. Overnight in Livingston, facing the Atlantic Ocean.


Day 9 Sunday
Excursion on the Rio Dulce
You will enjoy the excursion by motor boat on the calm river, Rio Dulce, surrounded by magnificent tropical vegetation. You may have the chance to observe many bird species (herons, pelicans, frigates etc.) During the excursion, you will visit a Kekchi Mayan association in the middle of the rainforest which produces original craftwork. Visit of the Spanish castle San Felipe, which used to defend the region from pirates attacks. Night in a hotel with view over the lake, nearby the village of Rio Dulce.


Day 10 Monday
Archeological site of Yaxhá
Transfer to the archeological site of Yaxhá. Guided visit with a professional English speaker. This wonderful site is, after Tikal, the best restored in the region. From the main pyramid, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the region and the Lake Yaxhà. Overnight in an authentic lodge in a natural park in the middle of the rain forest.


Day 11 Tuesday
Archeological site of Tikal
Early in the morning, transfer to Guatemala city and flight to Flores . From there, transfer to Tikal.. Visit to this incredible ceremonial centre located in the heart of the tropical forest. Of all the Mayan sites, Tikal is certainly the most impressive, the verticality of its structures, the peaks emerging through the crown of the jungle. Thanks to your guide, you will not only discover the impressive Mayan structures but also the treasures of the fauna and flora hidden in the site. At the end of the afternoon, transfer to Flores airport and flight to Ciudad de Guatemala. Transfer and overnight in Antigua.


Day 12 Wednesday
Colonial city of Antigua
Visit of this splendid colonial jewel, former capital of Guatemala There during the Spanish era. In this once-flourishing capital, although victim of devastating earthquakes, one can feel the ambiance of its colonial architecture. Side-streets are enlivened by the interaction of Indians, “Ladinos” and tourists. Overnight in Antigua.

Antigua, typisches Strassenfoto dieser bekannten Stadt in Guatemala.
Antigua (2014) in Guatemala klassiche Strassenfront.

Day 13 Thursday

Transfer to the international airport of Ciudad de Guatemala
– Return flight Depending on your flight schedule, possibility to visit museums: Next to Antigua, in the village of Jocotenango, you may have the opportunity to visit the cultural centre of La Azotea located in the middle of a wonderful coffee plantation.

Exhibition of coffee and old coffee-making machines,
and the native museum (pre-Columbian and contempory music), or the Ciudad de Guatemala Museum (national museum of archeology and ethnology) This program can be modified at your request. (adding excursions to active volcanoes as Pacaya volcano, or excursions to beaches, etc.)


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Kurzbeschreibungen in anderen Sprachebn:

Guatemala Rundreise Beschreibung auf Polnisch:

Zaoszczędzić ich tradycji i wierzeń, odziedziczone po przodkach prekolumbijskich. Dziś ludzie z Gwatemali nadal walczyć o szacunek i uznanie ich tożsamości kulturowej. To zostało podkreślone przez combatof Rigoberta Menchú, Nobla w 1992 roku. Główny ambicje nasze etniczne Tour “Twarze Gwatemali” jest spotkać mężczyzn i kobiet z Guatemalain autentyczności ich codzienne życie. To stawia Cię bezpośrednio do serca to wspaniały kraj i pozwala odkryć ich stroje, know-how, rytuały i historii. Z wyżyn, zamieszkana przez indyjskich wsi, gdzie kolorowe rynków i bogato wyhaftowana odzież mix, do dżungli Petén i ceremonialne centrum Tikal, przechodzącej przez spokojny i przyjazny region Karaibów, nie zapominając o stary majestatyczny kolonialnej stolicy ofAntigua, oferujemy Państwu oryginalne i kompletne tour.


Guatemals Rundreise Beschreibung auf Russisch:

Прибытие в Сьюдад-де-Гватемала в субботу, обратный рейс в четверг.
Гватемала заполняется лоскутное одеяло из этнических групп и имеет лучший сохранившийся Майя культуры в любом месте в мире. На протяжении веков народ майя удалось сохранить свои традиции и верования, унаследованные от их предков доколумбовой. Сегодня люди из Гватемалы по-прежнему бороться за уважение и признание их культурной самобытности. Это было подчеркнуто combatof Ригоберта Менчу, лауреат Нобелевской премии мира в 1992 году. Основные амбиции нашего этнического тура «Сталкивается Гватемала» для удовлетворения мужчин и женщин из Guatemalain подлинность их повседневной жизни. Это погружает вас прямо в сердце этой сказочной страны и позволяет обнаружить их костюмы, ноу-хау, ритуалы и истории. Из горных районов, заселенных индийской деревни, где смешивать цветные рынки и богато вышитые одежды, джунгли Петена и древний церемониальный центр Тикаль, проходя мимо тихой и дружелюбной Карибского региона, не забывая старые величественные колониальная капитала ofAntigua, мы предлагаем Вам оригинальный и полный тур.

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