Roll vs. Fold: What’s the Best Way to Pack to Save Space?

Interessanter Artikel wie man Platz sparen kann beim packen der Reisetasche, durch Rolllen der Kleider oder falten und die Auflistungen was alles mit auf die Reise kam mit allen Einzelheiten.

Tremendous Times

Roll vs. Fold: What's the Best Way to Pack to Save Space?

I’ve pretty much always folded my clothes for travel because, well, that’s just what I always did. I pulled them from my dresser drawers, placed them in a suitcase, and got on my way. I’m also pretty good about not packing too much stuff to begin with, so I’ve never had enormous struggles with making everything fit. On top of that, I’m never packing things that wrinkle too easily, either, which clothes-rolling is supposed to help. My folded clothes and all my other essentials never managed to be a problem to pack, so I’ve never had to resort to anything different.

Of course, I take lots of weekend trips, which generally require less stuff. My recent trip to the east coast, though, was for a week, and I had quite a lot to bring with me — including a dress and shoes for a wedding. On a whim I decided to…

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