ITB Berlin News (Internationale Tourismus-Börse 2017 Nachrichten)

ITB Berlin News   Day 1 Edition 2017

What’s new and different at this year’s ITB Berlin in terms of exhibitors? The question to Head of ITB Berlin David Ruetz.

New Exhibitors, New Ideas, New Business

National Geographic World Legacy Awards in New Location @ ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin News   Day 2 Edition 2017


The European Cruise Market
2017-03-08 0 Comments
Key figures from IPK’s World Travel Monitor
In recent years, cruises have become a boom segment of the travel industry, with a volume of around 22 million cruises worldwide last year. Behind North America, the undisputed leader with a market share of 59%, is Europe, on 32%.

IPK International uses ITB Berlin to present forecast data

Considered to be the world’s largest travel survey, the ITB World Travel Monitor in co-operation with global tourism marketing consultants IPK International formed the basis of ITB Berlin Convention’s essential Future Day presentation, Wednesday March 8th. Delivered by Rolf Freitag, CEO of IPK International, the findings usually form the basis for decision-making across the entire tourism industry.

Chirimoya Tours Peru Reiseveranstalter Logo
Chirimoya Tours – Südamerika und Peru Reiseveranstalter.
Neues Überarbeitetes Logo unseres deutschsprachigen Reiseveranstalters in Lima der Hauptstadt Perus.



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