The Messe Berlin Effect

Berlin Der Messe Effect…

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Event tourism at its best… with 2.4m tourists flocking to the capital in 2016 thanks to shows here

Messe Berlin’s contribution to tourism in the city is extremely important. But just how many visitors does the show bring to Berlin through the different events throughout the year? We put the question to Messe Berlin CEO, Dr Christian Göke…

Taken together, all events at Messe Berlin in 2016 brought 2.4 million visitors from around the world to Berlin. Of course, it is a very diverse group of people – from the German countrymen visiting the International Green Week to the top manager looking for the newest trends, for example at ITB Berlin.

What is the relationship between Messe Berlin and Berlin itself?

Messe Berlin is an important contributor to Berlin’s economy. Not only do our events provide for 25,000 jobs in and around the city; for hotels, restaurants and all sorts…

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