Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge – Peru Regenwald – Reisebaustein.

Bergregenwald Amazonas

5 Tage Tour Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge durch das Herz des Amazonas Regenwaldes.

Pacaya Samiria Marañon River (66217327)

  1. Der Nationalpark bei Wikipedia: das fünftägige englischsprachige Reiseprogramm:


Location of the national reserve Pacaya Samiria in PeruWe start our adventure through the Peruvian jungle at the airport in the city of Iquitos, then we will move to the town of Nauta, the first town founded by the Spaniards on the banks of the Maranon River; the trip takes about 1.30 h. with a distance of 97 km.
In Nauta we take the boats to continue our journey to the Lodge, on the way we will visit the Fundo Casual (high water season) where we will go in search of species of flora and fauna. Upon arrival at the Lodge we give a warm welcome a descendant of the Kukama Kukamiria culture and we can also enjoy a fruit drink station, from there we were invited to go to our cabins to leave the luggage and then have lunch.

Nightly conversation on myths and legends of the Amazon and visit to our TSETSU mirador. Night excursion through Restinga Forest surrounding the Lodge to try locate some frogs, tarantulas, insects and other species with habits nocturnal. Overnight.
Lunch – dinner.


Interpretive and adventure treks through the primary forest of our Lodge following the route of the primates. Lunch. Departure to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Nauta Caño area.
On our visit we will hike in search of pink and gray by the creek of the same name dolphins, also we will be in contact with the vast variety of flora and fauna that the reserve offers.
The first thing that catches our attention is the river so faithfully reflecting the sky, clouds, vegetation from the banks and the big trees, the visitor has the sensation of traveling between mirrors, so Pacaya Samiria is also known as “the forest of mirrors”.
Also a walk of interpretation of flooded forests, where we will try to see some primates and sloths, during the journey we can identify birds and a variety of traditional fishing practice with the material used by the Amazonian man for subsistence. Overnight.
Breakfast – lunch – dinner.


After breakfast we bound community on 20 de Enero RNPS to appreciate the different jobs held by local residents organized as groups of natural resource management to preserve species RN, there activities to be conducted as aguaje scaling, canoeing and artisanal fisheries, journey to renacal area for tents campaign (lunch on board or camp), there we arrange for exploratory journeys in the area as interest of the expedition. We leave by boat for wildlife watching nocturnal habits. Camping.
Breakfast – lunch – dinner.


Breakfast at camp. Walk looking for more animals or may prefer to cool in the water of Yanayacu. We got ready and dismantle the camp to enlist our return to the Lodge
Lunch at camp or on board according to the times managed by our specialist guide.
Return to the Lodge. On the way we will enjoy the landscape that surrounds us and there we may be surprised by some wildlife we could not appreciate our entrance trip, because in the jungle none of this is predictable. Overnight.
Breakfast – lunch – dinner.
DAY 5: Pacaya Samiria Amazon LodgeLODGE

Riverboat trip on the Marañón River either to the Cocha Shiriyacu or down the river (according to the season and conditions suitable for fishing activities).

Visit to the community of San Jorge to interact with its members and understand their way of life and ancestral customs. Visit to the Center for Kukama Women Crafts (Pua Kamatawara) Project developed by Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge. Lunch.

Breakfast – lunch.
Note. (Anmerkungen zu diesem Reisebaustein)

• The last day includes lunch, depending on the departure flight time. If there is no time for lunch before the flight, there will be no discount or reimbursement.
• This programme may include camp night. If you do not want to camp, you can stay at the lodge all nights.

• This program can vary due to weather conditions and Low/high – water season. Our guides may do some changes in the program in order to get the most of the excursion.

• Recommendation to choose flight schedule to enter and exit to the Lodge:
First Flight Arrival: LIM / IQT (Take flights arriving before 09:00 am)
Last Flight Departure: IQT / LIM (Take flights departing after 18:00 hrs)
Another schedule ask about additional price for transfer.

TARIFAS 2019 – Preise der Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge Tour:

Ocupación 2 personas : US$ 1.270 por Person.
Ocupación 3 / 4 personas : US$ 1,015 por Person.
Ocupación 5 / 10 personas: US$ 840 por Person.

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